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Catherine K Jordan is a web content creator and also a web designer by profession.

The habit of writing started back from those days in college which, with time, got matured and expressive. She has already written two books on web 2.0 and her next one is under publishing which deals with correlating image editing with cascading style sheets and how it can be made creative via simple yet effective methods.

Simple by nature, her writing, even in complicated subjects, makes even a novice user able to understand the subject matter in depth and no wonder she has so many followers in Twitter and Facebook.

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Press Release helps you build trust as well as authority among the readers as in various fronts, by stimulating journalists and media outlets to cover your story, and also by giving your prospects a new reason to visit your store, land on your website, find out more about your most recent accomplishments and try, buy and spread the word about your new product or service.

Using press release for your business is absolutely a great idea because it increases the potentiality of the sales of your business. It brings credibility to your business and allows you to stay in the lime light along and lets you to stay in front of the public eye; and when you stay in the limelight for a longer period of time, it helps you in growing your business as it can highlight the key points of your business. It encourages the customers to visit your store, land on your website and talk about your business and services.

Press Release for Your Business

Press releases have always helped business grow and there are so many benefits of using press release for your business. One of the most important benefits about using press release is that it can save you a lot of money and time.

The idea of press release isn’t new. When the internet marketing was not as popular and feasible as it s today, people used to use the traditional form of press release. That however was not as beneficial as the new form of press release because earlier it could touch only a group of people and journalists.

The virtual form of press release is now being able to touch a wide range of people from around the world as it can gives you instant exposure to your business.

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You can write press releases on any events – like for a new product launch, for new technological developments, maybe when you are going for a partnership with another giant company, maybe because you have reached a new milestone of your company and many more. The more press releases you release, the more you stay in limelight and the more it is beneficial for you.

Releasing press releases will help you increase traffic to your website and you will get more website visitors as well as you have the opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert. Above all, it gives you some of the most effective SEO benefits and helps you grow your potential market.

Small scale or a giant one, every business should be using press releases.

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  • What Are Jumbo Squishies?


    People love collecting squishies because of their unique and one of a kind design. There is individuality with each and every one of these squishies making them a fun and engaging activity to collect. Due to the huge popularity of the item, several manufacturers have capitalized on their huge success by introducing new designs to fans. One of these new designs can be found in the form of jumbo squishies. Let us look at what are jumbo squishies and how they different from your regular squishy variant.

    Squishies are known for their relatively cute sizes. This in turn makes it possible for fans to buy and collect a bunch of squishies. Every now and then, new models that deviate from its original design are created to help spice things up to squishy fans. Enter jumbo squishies which is considered to be not your average everyday squishy and the reason behind it because of its natural size.


    Jumbo squishies just as their name implies, are squishies that fall out of the norm with its size. It is comparatively bigger than regular squishy variants making them quite endearing to own. Their big size also helps them easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. Jumbo squishies don’t have a general rule on what scale they want to achieve. Some jumbo squishies are a bit bigger than the palm of your hands, while others reach new heights with jumbo squishies that are as big and as fluffy as pillows.

    Getting a jumbo squishy to add to your collection is quite exciting. With that being said, it is important to note that the added size will also result to some added cost to your squishies. The general rule is that the bigger the squishies are, the more expensive the item will be. For that matter, it may be best that you plan this in advance before getting one for your own. You can compare prices over the internet as many online stores that features squishies have setup and integrated their services in the web. This in turn makes it possible for their customers to browse through their squishy selections while at the same time look at their prices to help prepare them for their purchase.

    Jumbo squishies may be expensive but many fans find their cost to be all the more worthwhile with the plenty of features they provide. Grab your own jumbo squishy today, large ones available at wshcollection!

  • What Should Be Found in Your Photo Booth?


    People today will not be finding any shortage of photo booths with them being made readily available the public. They have taken the world by storm with their ever increasing popularity. Due to their popularity, just about anyone will be able to setup and utilize photo booths are any desired event. With that being said, there are important set pieces which plays a very important role in making your photo booth complete. Let us look at some of the items that should be found in your photo booth.

    Photo booths in Melbourne, Australia rely heavily on every piece of equipment their photo booth have. For instance, a number people often take the value of backdrops or background for granted. This photo booth rental site lets you see it as a major factor. These items however, play a very important role in helping event organizers setup the theme and setting that they want to go for with their photo booths. You don’t want to get backgrounds that don’t match with your event. The same can also be said with regards to your backdrops with these items complementing each other.


    Another important set piece that should be found in your photo booth is the props. Props are integral items which helps breathe new life with the photo booth experience. These items can make it possible to produce dozens of unique and one of a kind pictures to your guests. Seeing props for the first time is like looking at a treasure trove making people feel excited, keeping them on their toes as to what type of prop they want to use for their respective poses.

    After all is said and done, the next thing your guests will be anticipating are the pictures from their photo booth. For that matter, make sure that your booth comes equipped with high end equipment that will be able to produce high quality pictures in just a manner of seconds. You don’t want to keep your guests waiting for too long so make sure that the photo booth rental company that you are hiring will be able to provide them in a timely and effective manner.

    It should be noted that there is no order priority on what item to get as they are all equal in terms of their usefulness. Make sure that your photo booth has all the equipment it requires in order for them to perform at their optimum levels. Get in touch with a photo booth company today!

  • Design tips for a restaurant and their choice of dinnerware

    Most people take dinnerware for restaurant for granted. But, from basic to elegant, the type of tableware you use says a lot about your restaurant. It tells about the personality of the restaurant’s staffs and owners, and it tells the difference between a great presentation and a poor one. You need to know how to give your guests a good experience at your restaurant, find out more at

    Not that everyone actually realizes, the choice of the plates can actually enhance the overall look of your dining room and sets a tone which can be pleasing or off-putting. In order to leave an everlasting impression on the guests whoever dine at your restaurant these are few design tips to consider while buying dinnerware for your restaurant—

    1. The Ambience – There are lot of ways you can set up a restaurant. It can be a fine dining or a casual diner; it can be themed restaurant or an all in one restaurant; it can be a coffee shop theme or takeaway counter; it may have a brightness to the ambience or it can be quiet and calm place; it can be fun and trendy or it can sophisticated and refined; but whatever it is, your dinnerware should be able to match up to the ambience and the theme of the restaurant. For example, if it is a fine dining restaurant, you cannot possibly serve on some fun plates. Fun plates will only get along with a fun ambience. Then again sophisticated and classy plates won’t get along well if it is just a takeaway counter or a coffee shop. The plates should definitely reflect the theme of the restaurant.

    2. Mix and Match – Try and mix match your plates with the ambience of your restaurant. When you have white plates to serve, use colorful and different shapes to your setting. Or maybe you can use some different textures and different ways in order to enhance your creativity. Try various shapes and colors according to the mood of the restaurant.

    3. The Budget You Have – This matters a lot. Without setting the budget you cannot possibly do anything. When you choose to buy commercial dishware, you should keep in mind that they are costlier than the non-commercial ones. But, the durability and efficiency you get is much better than the non-commercial ones. And buying the better ones will help you in the long run as it could save you more money in the future. In this case, the high quality bone china dishware is the best choices. They are meant to be durable and serve you well; it is worth the investment.

    4. The Use – The design of your dinnerware should be based on how you are going to use it. If your restaurant serves some dishes on hotplates, look into choosing dinnerware that can withstand the high heat and investing in underlines. Try buying dishware and bowls and plates that are microwave safe or oven-safe. These will be more durable and save you a lot of money. Then again, the menu of your restaurant also determines the design of your dinnerware. If your menu serves platters then you need large dinnerware. However, try mix and match with the sizes too. As you may serve all sizes of foods. You also need to consider choosing the right plates for your tables.

    For more ideas, take a look at slateplate’s restaurant blog

    You should be really very cautious while choosing the right dinnerware for you. So take your time, try and think it through. If you have someone who has experience on this regard, then take help from them. Make sure that you choose the right option that fits into the concept of your restaurant. Make sure you can leave a really great first experience to your guests and they can’t stop themselves from visiting again and again.

  • Appreciating a Corelle Dinnerware Set


    Dinnerware sets are often categorized by popular brands which is perfect for those who are looking for a particular item of choice. Brand does indeed help with the purchase especially is the name is very established. Corelle has made quite a name for themselves becoming one of the more popular and recognizable brand of dinnerware sets that are available in the present. Let us look at what sets Corelle dinnerware set apart from the rest of its counterparts and why they are endeared by many.


    Unique Composition


    Corelle dinnerware set features a lot of unique properties that helps establish their brand to the public. One of the noteworthy properties with their items can be found with their composition. A Corelle dinnerware set is made of a glass composition known as Vitrelle which allows them to mimic the appearance of fine china. This in turn gives their users the feeling of using fine china as their dinnerware set without spending a fortune. The material itself it also stackable with each piece being thin and lightweight. This makes the storage of a Corelle dinnerware set relatively simple and hassle free saving people a fair amount of time and resources in the process.

    Another noteworthy feature of Corelle dinnerware set is that these items are resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking and this is made possible through the three layers of tempered glass found with the use of Vitrelle. This allows people to make use of their Corelle dinnerware set on a regular day to day basis with little to no worries of breaking them. It should be noted however, that this type of dinnerware is not immune to damage as it can break when you drop them.


    Other Noteworthy Properties


    The manufacturer of Corelle dinnerware set cares deeply to their customers. This can be seen with how they prioritize safety and healthy dinnerware sets the whole family can enjoy, things being prioritized by Their items are made of non-porous surface which allows them to maintain the highest level of hygiene. The non-porous surface works by ensuring that all food particles, odours and stains do not get absorbed which can cause a lot of problem when consumed. This along with the versatility it provides with their easy handling and compact storage has helped made Corelle dinnerware set a staple in a huge number of households in the present. Be sure to look for this type of items with your next dinnerware purchase.

  • Pet Loss Grief: Call Professional If You Need Help


    Pets are close to us. And we share significant amount of our time with them. There won’t be a time when while planning something, you won’t involve your pets or you won’t consider them. Such is the relationship between us and the pets and no one can understand this bond unless that person has a experience in this regard. Such a bonding that is out of the materialistic world is hard to find and it indeed is one of the greatest thing on life. That is, you can love someone without any self interest behind it and love them care for them. Similarly animals do love the people. Think about a dog and think about how it loves the owner no matter what. Even if the owner is abusive, it doesn’t change the fact that the dog will still love him with no other changes.

    Such a great relationship comes with a prize though. Since it is a deep relationship, if the pet dies, we face hard time in our life. We go into stage of grief. It is a normal. Occurrence and it happens when we lose someone close to us. But, this grief period has its own time. If any person is stuck in this stage for longer period, it is a worrying sign, as the person tends to neglect his personal or professional life and goes into depression if left unattended for a long period. This is dangerous and usually happens when a person cannot accept the death for whatever reason and goes into the mood of denial. It then turns the men detach from reality and the person starts to live in his world which will be like a parallel universe though no relation to reality but submerged into some own unrealistic thought process.

    These are dangerous signs and very often, the person fails to acknowledge it. It is the duty of the close friends and relatives to put a strict eyes on his activity and if needed should seek professional help.

    If the person himself can see the issue, that’s a good sign because with this, it becomes easier to make the person understand the whole issue. And in more cases, with the help of himself, he can move himself out from the depressed phase and come back into reality. This is the best case scenario on this regard.


    But things change when the person cannot accept the death. If the person was alone and the pet was only companion it is a recipe for a greater depression. The person himself, in most time, fails to see what’s wrong with it. He gets indulge in his own world and frequently fails to provide reactions to outward stimuli.

    If you see above symptoms, it’s time you call a doctor and make that person admit into a hospital. We can help, with our limited knowledge, only to this point. Also, memory stones offered by can also help. Rest should be done by professional who, with the help of medications, can bring the person to sanity. The anti depression medication can make the person free from mental stress and is the first step of accepting the realities. Without mental stress, the patient can see things more clearly and can judge what is right and what is wrong. Moreover, professionals do seek various methods to let information out from the patient who is otherwise ignorant to the outside world….

    Hence, if it is serious, don’t hesitate to bring yourself or others to a professional. As death cannot be accepted by some people, it is easier for them to indulge in such things to ease up the pain.

Why Customized Pillows are a favorite nowadays

Pillows are one of the aspects that make us very emotional. Let’s face it, in modern world, where we have no time for each other, sometimes we just hug the pillow and imaging it as a person close to us. Sounds depressing? Indeed but it is a sad fact about the pillows in general. Just remember, how many times you have cried holding a pillow. It just gives a comfort that none can match.

The kind of intensity and emotions pillows hold are quite different than any of the things you use at your house. Pillows are not simply pillows but a way of conveying your feelings secretly; without letting anyone know. And that is what makes the pillows different from the rest. It is best comfort zone one can ever get into.

But how about customizing it so that it makes you feel better connected than before? Let’s face a situation where you are in a long distance relationship and you miss your guy. More often, what we do is, put some of his clothes as cover on the pillows so that, you feel the smell, and you feel the closeness.

Not only that, let’s say you are a grandparent, who misses your grand kids. You want to comfort them, you want to hug them, and you want to make them feel safe. But how can you do it if you are living hundred miles apart?

Here, you can make a difference. By customizing the pillow, you can put your picture, with a lovely message so that when your grandson or Granddaughter wakes up in the morning, the first thing she sees is you. Though you weren’t there, still it will carry your presence and moreover make them tie closely with you even if you are thousands of miles apart. It’s the emotions that make us closer at times, not the distance. You can be physically close to the people you love yet you can be far distant yet, these small things, which can bring a smile in his/her face, is precious in the sense that, it’ll be always close to them, and they will be errors forget the feelings.

These pillows will carry a meaning. It’s not just they are lying for to sleep on. But to convey a message that you care, you love. And no other thing can transfer that message other than a pillow because it is always somewhat special.

That’s where we will help you in bridging that communication. Raleigh based company; we provide you customized pillows to sleep you better by giving you that same comfort. We can put your picture with a lovely message so that when you sleep, you’ll feel that person is in vicinity. That he or she is there. You can pick your best picture which can emulate the close connection you have with that person. Or you can simply pick pictures of the stupidest moment that you were together that will always bring a smile. If you guys are distance apart, it is very hard to convey a message like that but now, with customized pillow, it is actually possible.

Let me ask this question, have you ever thought it is possible. Maybe not. But with our products, you can make a difference by conveying these little things which on life, matters most in the end. Be it to your grand son or granddaughter, or boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s the perfect gift that you can give. Just remember, if you are in army, and far away from your home, your kid can still feel you. What can be joyous moment than this?

Then what are you waiting for? Visit zonkd website. Pick your choice today and give a gift that your loved ones can never forget.


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