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Catherine K Jordan

Catherine K Jordan is a web content creator and also a web designer by profession. She has a hobby in making beautiful portraits out of raw materials which reflects in both of her writing and also while styling a web page. She mostly writes about, how the web designing is evolving and with CSS3 coming into play, how designers could take advantage of it to reach the true potential. She’s also writes about html5 and outspoken about, how these two technologies could change the web as what we perceive today.

In free time, she loves reading books which mainly features fiction. Excluding the time spent in front of the table, she also enjoys outdoor activities skating, running and won many medals for her college in various inter-college competitions.

The habit of writing started back from those days in college which, with time, got matured and expressive. She has already written two books on web 2.0 and her next one is under publishing which deals with correlating image editing with cascading style sheets and how it can be made creative via simple yet effective methods.

Simple by nature, her writing, even in complicated subjects, makes even a novice user able to understand the subject matter in depth and no wonder she has so many followers in Twitter and Facebook.

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